It is a beautiful Friday morning – the first warm day in a while. I put on my robe and do my typical morning things – pack lunches, see the kids off to school. I head back to the bedroom, disrobe, and crawl back into bed for some more lazy morning naked time with Mr before he needs to get up. After about an hour of drifting in and out of delicious sleep, Mr leaves the bed, dons some jeans – just jeans – and goes downstairs, leaving me in the bed, naked, on my own. I check twitter and find a thread where some friends were talking about floggers. I catch up on the previous evening’s conversation and join in the current chatter. That gets me in a certain mood and my mind wanders. Then it hits me. We are alone in the house. Mr had driven his mom (who lives with us) to her trailer for the weekend (yay for warmer weather!) and the kids are at school. And Mr isn’t rushing off to the office today, he’s working from home for the morning. Alone in the house means we can partake in some impact play. Woot!

I send him this:

Photo 2016-05-06, 9 48 41 AM

He makes his was back to our bedroom with his fresh cup of coffee, wearing his jeans – just jeans – and a devilish smile. He sits at his desk, sips his coffee and stares at me, twinkle in his eye. He sets his coffee down and turns to his computer to do a bit of work he needs to get done before we make use of this rare time.

I thought I’d add a bit more to our session, so I stand, go to my drawer and pull out my garter belt. He turns his head and glances at what I am doing out of the corner of his eye. “Mmmm,” he says. I put it on. Sitting on the side of the bed, my back to him, I slide on some fishnets.

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I add my black heels and walk over to where Mr is working on an email. He voices his pleasure, then adds, “You’re not wearing anything on top.” “Would you like me to?” “Yes.” I walk back over to my lingerie drawer and pick out a bra, “Will this do?” I ask. “Yes,” he replies in a low, sexy Dominant voice. He is definitely getting into his Top space. “Come here and read over this email.” I oblige. I lean onto his desk, standing beside him, ass perked up, and do as I am told. I offer my feedback and he sends off his business correspondence. Then he tells me to get on the bed. “From the other side or this one?” I ask. “I didn’t tell you you could ask questions. You just need to do as you’re told.” I walk around the other side of the bed and crawl on top, on my hands and knees, looking at him. He gets up from his chair and comes toward me. He grabs my hair, just at the base of the back of my head, and begins to guide me up. He adds his other hand and deliberately brings me to his lips. We kiss hungrily, him standing, me kneeling on the bed before him. He tastes delicious. Like coffee and confidence.

He makes his way to our armoire of pain and delight – our tickle trunk full of toys and tools. He pulls out the handcuffs that were closest and tosses them on the bed. “The quick release ones? Not the good ones?” I say and then remember I am not to ask questions. “Put them on,” he commands. “Mmmmm. Yes, sir,” I think to myself. Filling with even more anticipation. As I cuff myself, he throws three floggers, our DIY stick pervertible, a crop and, my favourite, the cane onto the bed. He walks over to his nightstand and liberates the Magic Wand. It makes a *thud* as it hits the bed.

I am now on my forearms and knees, hands above my head, ass in the air. He walks around to the side of the bed where I am waiting and puts his hand on my ass. A couple rubs and *slap*. And so it begins. He starts slowly. A few spanks. Some rubbing in between. He slides two kegel balls inside me and continues some spanking. Then his phone rings. He wipes his hands of lube, walks the few feet to his desk and answers the call. It was a business partner. He smiles at me as he talks business, knowing his partner has no idea what the scene looks like on the other end of the line. Mr standing there in jeans – just jeans – and me in fishnets, garter, lace bra, black heels, red ass in the air. Getting more and more turned on as I listen to him in work mode. So confident and sexy as hell. He walks over, still on the call, and puts his hand on my vulva, rubbing my clit ever so slowly and deliberately, as he talks to his business partner.

He finishes his call, sets his phone down on the desk and picks up where he left off. A few more spanks with his hand. Then the flogger brushes against me. Gently. It gives me an idea of what is about to come. He hits all over my ass, a bit of my thighs, my vulva, with a couple different floggers. He throws in a few punches to my ass – which feel amazing. (We discovered how much I enjoy this the last time we had some impact play time. Who knew?) I can feel the blood rushing to the surface, heating up. He intermittently flogs me and uses his mouth to soothe me. The stark contrast of sensations is delicious.

Then comes the cane. I am not sure anything will ever take the place of the cane for me. He moves some of my hair aside with the cane. Next he runs it down my back, then under my the waist of my garter and snaps it. Then come the hits. Softly, not so softly. Up, down, over. One spot starts to really sting and I communicate this with, “Yellow on the edge of the cane,” so he knows he’s pushing up against a boundary and can adjust to avoid the place where pleasure and pain was becoming just pain and distracting from rather than adding to the experience. We continue to play with our various toys and tools. My shoulders become quite sore, but I’m enjoying everything else. To communicate this I let him know, “Black, shoulders.” He tells me to turn over onto my back.

He says, “I know you’re ok with me hitting here,” and swats my bush with the cane, “but what about here today?” and brushes the cane across my breasts. “I’m ok with that today,” I respond. I raise my still-cuffed arms above my head and the impact play continues. He gives me a bit of a reprieve from the cane and dives into me with his mouth. Then I hear the Hitachi. I give an “oh shit” giggle. He teases me, pressing it against me on low. I’m so turned on, the low setting almost gets me off. But he knows this and stops. He plays some more with his mouth. Then sits up and turns the Hitachi on again, this time on the third setting, also known as my “oh fuck” setting. I’m ramping up very quickly, he moves it around so I don’t quite come, and then I’m building and building and building and I’m, oh god, I’m going to ….

And he pulls it away.


He smiles at me and turns it off. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Then he turns it back on. Low. Higher. He goes right past Oh Fuck and sets it to Holy Fucking Shit. I laugh and say, “Oh god.” It makes contact with my vulva. He adjusts it on my body and presses. My orgasm comes crashing through, my still-cuffed hands grasp the headboard as I scream. I come. I come harder. And then harder again, pushing the kegel balls out. The throe is soaked.

Mr undoes my handcuffs and embraces me. Softly kisses my collarbone, my neck, caresses me as I come down.

He stands up and I can see his hard cock doing its best to burst through his jeans. He sits down on his desk chair. We sit in silence for a few minutes. Me still lying on the bed. I still want more. I can tell he’s not done, either. I ask, “Still no questions?” “You can ask a question.” “Do you want to fuck me?” He looks at me and replies, “I want you to come here.”

I rise from the bed and walk over to him. I stand in front of him. He takes my hand and moves it to his crotch. I can feel how hard he is. I lower myself to my knees and slowly undo his belt, then the button of his jeans, then the zipper. I spread open his jeans and reach in to free his cock. It glistens with his own personal lubrication, ready for what it wants next. I spread his nature’s lube all over the head of his penis. Even that little touch sends waves through his body. We’ve been going for over an hour at this point, so he’s on edge. I take his cock in my mouth and slide all. the. way down. He throws his head back and moans. I slide his jeans all the way off, and work my mouth on his cock for just a brief tease and rise from my knees. I bend at the waist, legs straight, ass in the air, still garnished with the garter, thigh high fishnets, and heels. I use my lips, mouth and hands to bring him closer to the tipping point. Then I ask, “What do you want?” “I want to come on you.”

I pleasure him a bit more and tell him, “I want you to fuck me.” He obliges. He bends me over the bed fucks me until I come again, and then again.

“Do you want to come in your chair or on the bed?” I ask him.

He sits on the side of the bed.

I kneel again and lube up my hands. I massage his cock, playing a little, then I move closer, ramp up to my finishing moves – hands, mouth – I look at him, ready for him to explode on me. This throws him over the edge and he comes. Hard.

We take a moment, then each clean up. He puts his jeans back on and resumes his work day.

I remove my garter belt, then sit on the far side of the bed, and take off the heels and fishnets, my skin still flushed.

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I don my white, fluffy robe and get to my work, too.

The pleasures, and dangers, of working from home. 😉

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