Why knot?

That’s the question Dhruv Dhawan is asking.

Why is monogamy so important to a relationship? Why do we marry and cheat? Is sexual jealousy innate or nurtured?

More questions.why knot live and let love

The documentary WHY KNOT: Breaking the silence on monogamy aims to explore those questions.

WHY KNOT is a documentary film that tells the story of a filmmaker trying to separate love and sex as the chorus to marry grows louder.

As he attends lavish weddings occuring within his family, Dhruv is pressured to follow suit and tries to find answers to some pressing questions by interviewing his family and experts in the field as he struggles to mediate an open relationship with the woman he loves.

His search takes us beyond his bedroom and into the biology of sex, the history of patriarchy and the politics of monogamy where his girlfriend, scientists, polyamorists, Dhruv’s loved one’s, and even tapeworms become a part of this self-reflexive narrative.

I’m quite excited about this documentary. I’ve been on a personal journey of self-discovery the past few years, which has led to questioning my own beliefs and inner feelings. Questioning where they’re from. What is the root of these feelings of jealousy? I’ve questioned my own stance on monogamy. Why did I believe that was the way to go? Is it because that was all I had seen, all I’d learned? Is it because that was the clear path that had been carved for me since early childhood? School, degree, marriage to one person forever, children. There didn’t seem to be any deviation. And no one questioned it.

You marry for life. One person. For life.

Is that the path to happiness? It’s not something that’s ever discussed. It’s just “the way it is”. It’s just something we accept.

Even non-consensual non-monogamy (cheating)  is more acceptable in our society than respectful, conscious, consensual non-monogamy. Why is that?

More questions.

More and more we’re seeing the default to monogamy being examined and questioned, and I think that’s a good thing.

I’m looking forward to exploring this topic and can’t wait to get my hands on my copy of WHY KNOT (which, for those curious, I have purchased). You can pre-order your own copy at www.whyknotmovie.com or check out the WHY KNOT facebook page.

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Josie loves pushing boundaries, in herself and others. She is Mom to three spectacular humans. She has been married. She has been divorced. She believes in living life now because you never know when tomorrow may not come.