Who makes up the rules, and why are they so messed up?

Let me set the scene:

It’s an open commercial space, still undergoing renovations, with one small room in the corner. It’s to be a storage space. The drywall up but unpainted. There is a door, but just a hole where the doorknob will go. There are five people there. Three guys – Single Boy One; Single Boy Two; and Married Boy. Two girls – Single Girl; and Married Girl. (Married Boy and Married Girl are married to each other.)

The five are just hanging out. Some are playing guitar. Some singing. Some watching. All friends. Fun is had. Songs are sung. Laughs are shared. The girls are laughing, maybe flirting a little. Then they break off from the group and go into the small room – Single Girl and Married Girl. They laugh a little more and close the door. They chat. They laugh. They flirt some more. Then Married Girl pulls Single Girl to her and they press up against the door and kiss.

Married Boy can see Married Girl’s body through the hole in the door, pressed up against it.

And all is good.

No one has a problem with this. Not Single Boy One. Not Single Boy Two. Not Married Boy. No one feels sorry for Married Boy. In fact, if anything, they think it’s hot.

Now let’s change the players.

What if it’s Single Girl and…. Married Boy that go into the room?

Now it’s “Awwwww… Poor Married Girl.” “I can’t believe Married Boy would do that to her.” “Single Girl is such a slut. How can she do that to her friend?”

Now it’s a scandalous act. It doesn’t just involve two people anymore. It’s about what two people are doing to a third.

How about this way?

Let’s say Single Boy One and Married Boy wander into the small room. Then Married Boy pulls Single Boy One to him. They collapse against the door and kiss a soft, sweet, yet hot kiss.

It’s still “Awwww… Poor Married Girl.” “I can’t believe Married Boy would do that to her.” “That marriage is a sham. Why does she stay with him?”

Now I want to ask the big question. Why?

Why are these the “rules”? Who made these rules? Why don’t we challenge these rules? Or, at least, THINK about the rules.

I challenge you, I challenge us all, to be more aware of the societal rules. To question these rules. To look at life and ask why.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

*Photo credit: Copyright Lena Tuchsen flickr.com/photos/elenahneshcuetphotography/4379148187

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