Welcome to Live and Let Love. We are a collaborative blogging site with a focus on sharing stories, expanding minds, and encouraging conversation. The idea of this site is to be a safe place to share thought, ideas and stories about lifestyles, lifestyle choices, and living life in a way that may not necessarily fit into society’s neat, little box. We encourage you to come from a place of curiosity, rather than judgement. Of love, rather than fear.

We’re excited to see where this community will take us. Expect to see posts about choosing to be childless; interracial perspectives; families with many children; blended families; open relationships; polyamory; various views on sex and relationships; and much more. There will be a section with book and movie reviews, as well as a toy review zone. Since these topics may be sensitive or taboo, we welcome submissions in any form – by real name, pseudonym or anonymously.

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We’re looking forward to having you join us in this adventure. Live and let love! Cheers!

About Anya Hastings

Anya is a mom of four, two she gave birth to and two that came as part of the package when she joined lives with her partner. She’s done the marriage and divorce thing. She’s loved, learned and loved again.