Eyes blindfolded. Mouth gagged. Hands chained to the headboard. You’re on display, ready for him—ready to be used. And the only sound in the room is your own breathing…until you hear him close the door behind you.

When Cleis Press asked if I’d like to have a peek at Submission, a new collection erotica shorts, I gleefully said squee! oh yes! gave a dignified “I’d love to.”

Alex Algren, with her keen eye for the hot and well-written, has put together a lip-bitingly satisfying selection of stories that is sure to raise your heart rate and temperature – and maybe fuel a fantasy or three.

I was smiling and could feel my body flushing right from the first paragraph of the introduction. I knew I was in for a gratifying ride. The description of being a submissive was fabulous.

As any experienced bottom will tell you, submission is so much more than just surrendering yourself, mind, body, and soul, to pleasure—it’s an art form. Your body becomes a canvas upon which your master paints his every desire using the implements of twisted pleasure—floggers, ropes, belts, canes. With the proper technique, your body turns from a blank canvas into a beautiful portrait of passion, a mélange of reds, pinks, and purples.

The compilation has six short stories – each a perfect length to enjoy on your own or as part of your foreplay.

First up is Truss Issues by Lux Zakari. Emy is nervous about being tied up, but submits. She consents and lets Samir take control. Control. It’s an interesting concept, one with lots of misconceptions. Coming along with Emy as she realizes where the control really lies is a marvelous journey. Her assumptions about submission begin to get peeled back as she experiences it first-hand.

We then glide into Art of Darkness by Alison Tyler. I love this one, too. Greer has a hard boundary – the dark. This story is all about fear and trust and a deepening relationship. Killian gently, yet deliberately and persistently, pushes Greer to cross her threshold of what has always been a deep fear of hers. A hard limit. A shame she holds. We get to ride along with her as she lets Killian guide her through her darkest places. I see this story as a Dom who respects his sub’s limit, yet believes in her and knows he can push and help them them both enjoy another level of pleasure – one she has yet to experience or understand. Enjoy this erotic expedition. I know I did.

The third short in this hot anthology is Reclaiming by Teresa Noelle Roberts. I could tell by this point in the ebook that picking a favourite story was going to be like choosing a favourite child. They’re all different and they’re all luscious. I read this one in a coffee shop and I am thankful as a female-bodied person, I am able to conceal my arousal a bit more successfully than I may be able to if I were male-bodied. This story really got me going. I absolutely adored Deidre’s transition from killer-business woman into submissive.

I set Deirdre’s suitcases down, then shut the door behind us.“Take off your clothes,” I told her. “You’re home now. And mine.”

I watched several expressions fleet over Deirdre’s beautiful face. First, the relief at being home after her long business trip (almost three weeks in Singapore, and then a stop in the Chicago office that morning for a meeting before flying home). The second, confusion, as she began to change gears from Deirdre McCarthy, kick-ass businesswoman, to my Deirdre, my slave.

Finally, the melting, the yielding, the surge of raw need. I saw it in her gray eyes, saw it in the speed with which first the coat, then the suit jacket, came off, and everything else followed.

This is a story I’ll be going back to, I’m sure.

Next we get into some really dark territory with I Breathe Your Name by Tess Danesi. It blurs the line between abuse and D/s a bit too much for my personal palate. We round out the collection with The Weight by Rachel Kramer Bussel and A Necessary Correction, deliciously written by Debra Hyde.

Since Submission: Erotica for Women is available in ebook format, it was quite easy to be discreet when reading it anywhere – even in the middle of a crowded coffee shop. Being able to bounce back and forth between laptop, tablet and phone to read this at my leisure was fabulous. It’s a fantastic anthology bound to provoke some exquisite fantasy – solo or to be shared. It might even provide some fodder for a bit of real-life adventure.

About Josie Quinn

Josie loves pushing boundaries, in herself and others. She is Mom to three spectacular humans. She has been married. She has been divorced. She believes in living life now because you never know when tomorrow may not come.