The New Sex Bible is a gorgeous, sexy book. It is physically pleasing – a beautiful, square hardcover; I was impressed before I even opened the book. As sexy as the book is aesthetically, it’s even sexier inside. Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, one of my favourite sexologists on the planet, guides us through all things sex.

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The book flows wonderfully. We start with the basics before moving onto anything else. We need a great foundation before we can build, right? It’s surprising how much there is to still learn about our bodies, how we work, and what really turns us on. This is a great, easy resource with wonderful graphics. Just like a great sexual experience, the book starts off with some foreplay before we get into the steamier, sweatier stuff.

The New Sex Bible

The sex geek in me loves how this book is laid out. There are little tidbits sprinkled throughout just for me! I found myself loving the little blurbs. There are the “For Sex Geeks” nuggets; as well as “Dr. Jess Says…”; “Real People, Real Sex”; “FAQs”; and “Sex Tips From the Pros”.

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Once we understand the what and why we’re ready for some how – some hot, steamy how. There are some fabulous tips in here for people with vulvas and some marvelous techniques for people with penises. Want to expand your repertoire? Check out the Sizzling Oral Sex chapter. Not only are the techniques hot, but so are the pictures throughout the book. (You’ll want to keep the book away from prying eyes of wee ones you may have around.) When we hear “oral”, the first thing that pops to mind for many are fellatio or cunnilingus, but there’s much more to it. We even get a session on dirty talk – and there are LOTS of styles of dirty talk. I’m almost sure you can find something in here to suit you. I’d even hazard a guess that you’re already using some dirty talk, even if you don’t think you are.

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We keep building and building and move onto Hot Positions for Intercourse. This chapter helps you find positions for whatever it is you might be looking for. Deeper connection? Clitoral stimulation? Have an injury and need some suggestions? The techniques run the gamut from fairly tame to pretty acrobatic! Then there is a whole chapter dedicated to orgasms. Perfect.

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Are you looking to reconnect with a partner? Are you in a new relationship and want to start on the right foot? Are you single and looking to reconnect with yourself? Maybe you’re wanting to bring up adding some kink into the bedroom. Maybe you’re looking for some new positions to try. Maybe you have some sexual challenges and are looking for some help. Maybe you’re curious about what really makes our bodies tick. This book would be a great enhancement to any relationship. I bet it’ll become a favourite very quickly. From basics to desire. From oral to intercourse. From orgasms to anal to props and toys. There is something in here for everyone.

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