When I saw the Tantus Rumble on Indiegogo I was intrigued. I backed the campaign and just received the Rumble a few days ago. I’m excitedly waiting for the three head attachments to give them a try, too. They are still to come.


The first time the Rumble got used was with some partnered play. Mr and I had some fun experimenting with this toy. He used it a bit on me, a little on himself, and then we used it while we had penetrative sex. I’m going to use the Magic Wand to compare since that’s the mother of all vibrators. It’s smaller than the Magic Wand and much lighter to hold. It’s also quieter. The new rechargeable Magic Wand has four strength settings and the Rumble is comparable to the lower levels on the new Magic Wand. It doesn’t quite get up to the holy fuck strength of the Magic Wand, but still packs a punch.

The Rumble contoured nicely and sits quite comfortably in my hand.

Photo 2016-04-30, 5 08 43 PM

The head is on an angle, rather than straight out (as the Magic Wand is), and can be manipulated in any direction.

Photo 2016-04-30, 5 11 01 PM

The controls are far enough apart that you’re not going to accidentally hit “off” in the heat of the moment.

Photo 2016-04-30, 5 10 13 PM

You can cycle back and forth through the settings, so if you want the one you just passed you don’t have to cycle all the way through. It has three strength settings, as well as patterned settings. (I like constant vibration, so that’s what I’m focusing on.)

Photo 2016-04-30, 5 10 22 PM

As I mentioned, our first try with the Rumble was during partnered sex. It added some fun vibration and it did assist me to come again during penetrative sex. It was a bit harder to get into exactly the right spot than our Magic Wand is, but still did the trick. Because of the way it’s contoured and angled, I imagined it might be better for solo play than with a buddy, so my next task was to do some research in this area. Today I did some more testing for you folks. You’re welcome.

I went into the bedroom, the cat hopped off the bed and left the room. I locked the door so I wouldn’t have any unexpected interruptions and proceeded to get set up. Rumble. Check. Lube. Check. Puppy pad. Check. (Gotta be prepared. I’ll expand on that a bit further down.)

I started on the lowest setting and found it nice and relaxing. I stayed on this setting for a couple minutes to help me get in the right frame of mind. I was starting out cold, going from “mom mode” right into solo play time. I needed to give myself some time to focus.

I ramped it up to the middle strength and pressed a bit harder. I knew I’d need more to get to orgasm, but I played with this setting for a minute or so before going to full strength. As I mentioned, the Rumble full strength feels about like the second setting on the Magic Wand. I usually use the third to come with the Wand.

I was ramping up nicely, even though it was hard to stay focused. My brain was doing its best to distract me with life-stuff. Just I was nearing the peak, the neighbours went into their backyard and I had the added distraction of a yappy, yippy little dog and a couple small kids. Focus… Mind back in the game. I was able to get back into things and came twice. It took 11 minutes for me to go from stone cold, not-at-all-sexy feeling to orgasm. Not bad, Rumble. Not bad.

I was also curious if the Rumble was going to make me squirt (hence the puppy pad). I generally ejaculate every time I have an orgasm, except when I’m wearing my Diva Cup. I generally DON’T ejaculate when I’m wearing my Diva Cup, except when I use the Magic Wand. So, the Rumble is the only other toy that leads me to squirt while I’m wearing Diva Cup. Well done, Rumble.

To sum up:

Things I like:

I like the colour. The Rumble is nice, shiny blue and deep charcoal/black. (As an aside, when I was finishing up and cleaning the Rumble, I saw the my hand was a bit blue and thought the colour had come off a bit. Then I remembered I had made blue raspberry freshie just before that.)

I love that the silicone head is removable, which makes for very easy cleaning. I’m also looking very forward to trying out the other three attachment heads. I’ll add another review once I receive those.

It’s fairly lightweight and is contoured which made it easy for me to hold.

It’s rechargeable rather than batteries (which many toys are now). Much better than going through so many batteries.

Things I don’t like:

It’s not quite as powerful as the Magic Wand. It was still strong enough to get me to orgasm, but it would be nice to have at least one or two settings more powerful to really ramp it up. I know many think the Wand is too powerful and would love the choices the Rumble offers.

Overall, I’m very happy to add the Rumble to my regular rotation of toys. I’m sure it will get a lot of use.

Photo 2016-04-30, 5 06 58 PM

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