My husband, Cameron, was sitting next to me on the couch, each of us on our laptops reading articles and catching up on social media feeds. Our kids were doing their own thing on their own devices. It was just before 5pm on Christmas Eve when a facebook live video popped up on my feed. It was a friend, my metamour (my partner’s partner), and even though there was no sound on the video, I could see she was upset. I nudged my husband, pointed to the video, and grabbed earbuds. We began to listen. My meta, Emma, was sharing how it was a tough moment on this Christmas Eve. It was the first Christmas Eve and morning since her separation; the first one without her kids. Although things were going well with the separation and the kids were adjusting well and thriving, this moment was hard for her.

“How about we invite her over here?” I suggested to my husband. He smiled and nodded, “I think that’s a great idea.” I messaged her, as Cameron was about to head out for Ramen with our daughter – a dish they both love, but the rest of us are meh about. I sent the message inviting her over, including to stay the night, if she wished. She responded that she would like that very much, and would also take us up on the offer to stay over, so driving home that evening wouldn’t be a concern.

My husband and daughter arrived home and we all finished up the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode my son and I were watching. I gave the kids a heads up that Emma was coming over and staying the night. I knew I was going to offer my spot in bed to my metamour, so she and Cam could get their snuggles in and she wouldn’t have to wake alone on that first, hard Christmas morning. I wanted to let our kids know before they went to bed that I may not be in my usual spot, in case there were any middle-of-the-night visits from either of them. I said either Emma would be in the bed with their dad and I would sleep in spare bed in son’s room, or Emma would be in the guest room and I would be in my bed. Either way Emma would be there in the morning. They said, “ok” and went back to what they were doing.

Emma arrived and brought her Nintendo Switch. We played for about an hour with the kids before it was time for them to head to bed. Cameron and I tucked our kids in, then the three of us continued to play video games for about another hour or so. Once the kids were nicely asleep, the three of us headed to the backyard to partake in some outdoor, winter hot tubbing. It was then I offered my spot in bed to Emma. She graciously accepted the offer and said snuggles sounded wonderful. We came back inside and watched a bit of Netflix before heading to bed. I settled into my son’s room and Cameron and Emma adjourned for the night as well. I slept content, knowing everyone was where they needed to be at that moment in time.

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