We picked up our new car on a clear, but chilly fall day. We weren’t sure if we would call her Annika (Ani) or Elsa, the two names we had narrowed it down to. Much like parents waiting on the arrival of their child to make a final decision on the name, we decided to leave it until delivery day, figuring once we drove her, one of those names would just fit. We were right, and both felt Elsa suited her, so Elsa she became.

We left the dealership and embarked on our inaugural road trip to Toronto, a couple hours away, for an evening of theatre and friends. On the way there, we were focused on getting used to Elsa. Her controls, pairing phones, listening to podcasts, playing with the radio, lights, and sounds. On the way home there was a different focus.

Elsa’s first big test was road head.

I reached over from my spot in the passenger seat, and rested my hand on Mr’s thigh. He moaned. I teased him for a short while, and let him know I’d need a bit more room between him and the steering wheel if this was going to happen. Of course, he obliged and set his seat back a little farther. He reached down and undid the button on his jeans. Such a helper. I guided the zipper down, slid my hand inside, and freed his already hard cock.

I continued to tease him a little, squeezing, moving slowly, smiling. I kept my hand on his cock and shifted my body, legs tucked under me. I moved toward him, over, down, then I slid my mouth around his cock and back up. Then I sat back down in the passenger seat. “Test successful,” I said with a smile. He threw his head back and laughed, “Oh come on.” I let him squirm for a moment or two, wondering if I was serious or if I’d give him some more, before I moved back toward him and continued with the blow job. Since this was his first time driving the car, we didn’t let things get too heated or go too far. Safety first, after all. I sat back and we cooled off for a while.

We drove for about another hour or so until we got to one of our favourite make-out spots along the route home. Mr pulled around the dead end, put the car into park, turned it off, and hit ‘rest’ mode. I love this feature. Rest mode allows the car to be off, but still have heat and music for about 20 minutes or so. Perfect on just such a chilly night.

Now to really test the car – how far can we get the front seats to recline? The answer is aaaaaallllll the way back – almost horizontal. That’s a fantastic car sex feature.


We started in the driver’s side. Mr reclined all the way back and I straddled him, his jeans undone. I was still in my little black dress, thigh high striped socks. We pushed my underwear off to the side just enough for him to slide inside me. I gripped the handle above the back door for some added leverage. This cowgirl position was working well. Since this was a test and trial of the new car, I turned around and gave reverse cowgirl a go. You know, for research purposes. I leaned forward a little too much and honked the horn. Not quite as sexy. It was a bit harder to get my legs in a comfortable spot in that position and we gave up on that pretty quickly.

I climbed back over into the passenger side and slid off my underwear. Mr slipped out of his jeans and joined me on the reclined-all-the-way-back passenger side and properly fucked me, one hand grasping the headrest and the other on the handle over the rear door. We knew neither of us to could come while fucking if we wanted to keep the car in its ‘brand new’ state. We ratcheted things down a few notches, then I turned over, kneeling on the passenger seat, facing the back. I buried my face in the headrest and held on as Mr entered me again. I think this was my favourite position so far, not that the others weren’t fun, but this one felt especially good. I could tell by the noises Mr was making that he felt the same. I had to do everything in my power not to come. Mr stopped short, too, and collapsed back in the driver’s seat.

I took a bit of a rest – moaning, breathing, and focusing on bringing myself down. Since my mouth was really the only safe place for Mr to come, I shifted back onto all fours, knees on the passenger side – breasts and mouth over Mr’s impatient cock. I slid my mouth down and took him all the way inside, still wearing my little black dress and thigh high striped socks. As I increased my speed and vigor, Mr slid his hand up my leg and cupped his hand on my ass while I brought him to and over the edge. Hard.

Elsa has passed her car sex tests with flying colours. Looking forward to more fun in this car. Maybe next time we’ll remember to bring the throe to toss over the seat.


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