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Review: Best Sex Writing of the Year, Volume 1

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The title of the book is Best Sex Writing of the Year, Volume 1: on Consent, BDSM, Porn, Race, Sex Work and More, and it’s true; the book… Read More »

About Anya Hastings

Anya is a mom of four, two she gave birth to and two that came as part of the package when she joined lives with her partner. She's done the marriage and divorce thing. She's loved, learned and loved again.

Parts of me

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Damnit, I knew this was going to come and bite me in the ass one day [figuratively, that is]. I ended up putting my foot in my mouth… Read More »

About Anon

Anon could be anyone. The guy sitting across from you at the coffee shop. The mom in the schoolyard. Your neighbour. Your friend. Anyone. Anon could be you.